President Nominates New CMS Administrator

The current CMS Administrator, Donald Berwick, announced that he will leave the post December 2nd.  President Obama quickly advanced his nomination of Marilyn B. Tavenner to fill the post.  Republicans blocked the Berwick nomination in the Senate, but Senator Orrin Hatch said his colleagues would look at Ms. Tavenner’s views on Medicare, Medicaid and the PPACA before deciding whether to support the nomination.

PPACA Website to HELP Find Small Business Health Coverage

HHS announced that the PPACA generated HealthCare.gov website has been updated to provide small businesses in all states with access to information on more than 530 insurers and the 2,700 small business health insurance plans they offer.

SMP Grants

CMS announced that it has awarded $9 million in grants to expand 52 Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) programs which the agency says are vital to empower seniors to identify and fight fraud.

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