New Members of the 115th Congress Cont. 2

Drew Ferguson, DMD (R-GA-03)
ELECTION: Defeated Angela Pendley, D, to succeed Rep. Lynn Westmoreland, R, who retired • RESIDENCE: West Point • BORN: Nov. 15, 1966; Langdale, Ala. • RELIGION: Non-denominational Christian • FAMILY: Wife, Elizabeth; four children • EDUCATION: U. of Ga., attended 1985-88; Medical Coll. of Ga., D.M.D. 1992 • CAREER: Dentist • POLITICAL HIGHLIGHTS: West Point Board, 1997-99 and mayor, 2008-16.

Colleen Hanabusa (D-HI-01)
ELECTION: Defeated Shirlene Ostrov, R, in a special election to succeed Rep. Mark Takai, D, who died • RESIDENCE: Honolulu • BORN: May 4, 1951; Honolulu • RELIGION: Buddhist • FAMILY: Husband, John Souza • EDUCATION: U. of Hawaii, B.A. 1973, M.A. 1975 and J.D. 1979 • CAREER: Lawyer • POLITICAL HIGHLIGHTS: Hawaii Senate, 1999-2010; Dem. candidate for U.S. House, 2003 (special), 2006, and 2010 (special); U.S. House, 2011- 15; sought Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate, 2014.

Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-IL-08)
ELECTION: Defeated Peter DiCianni, R, to succeed Rep. Tammy Duckworth, D, who ran for U.S. Senate • PRONOUNCED: RA-zhah krish-na-MUR-thee • RESIDENCE: Schaumburg • BORN: July 19, 1973; New Delhi, India • RELIGION: Hindu • FAMILY: Wife, Priya; three children • EDUCATION: Princeton U., B.S.E. 1995 (mechanical engineering); Harvard U., J.D. 2000 • CAREER: R&D lab exec. • POLITICAL HIGHLIGHTS: Ill. Housing Development Authority director, 2005-07; sought Dem. nomination for U.S. House, 2012.

Brad Schneider (D-IL-10)
ELECTION: Defeated Rep. Robert J. Dold, R • RESIDENCE: Deerfield • BORN: Aug. 20, 1961; Denver, Colo. • RELIGION: Jewish • FAMILY: Wife, Julie Dann; two children • EDUCATION: Northwestern U., B.S. 1983 and M.B.A. 1988 • CAREER: Business strategy consulting firm exec.; management consulting firm owner; insurance agency exec.; electric cable manufacturing company marketing dir. • POLITICAL HIGHLIGHTS: U.S. House, 2013-15 (defeated 2014).

Jim Banks (R-IN-03)
ELECTION: Defeated Tommy Schrader, D, to succeed Rep. Marlin Stutzman, R, who ran for U.S. Senate • RESIDENCE: Columbia City • BORN: July 16, 1979; Columbia City • RELIGION: Evangelical Christian • FAMILY: Wife, Amanda; three children • EDUCATION: Ind. U., B.A. 2004 (political science); Grace Coll., M.B.A. 2013 • MILITARY: Navy Reserve, 2012-present • CAREER: Real estate broker • POLITICAL HIGHLIGHTS: Whitley County Council, 2009-10; Ind. Senate, 2010-14 and 2015-present.

Trey Hollingsworth (R-IN-09)
ELECTION: Defeated Shelli Yoder, D, to succeed Rep. Todd Young, R, who ran for U.S. Senate • RESIDENCE: Jeffersonville • BORN: Sept. 12, 1983; Clinton, Tenn. • RELIGION: Christian • FAMILY: Wife, Kelly • EDUCATION: U. of Penn., B.S. 2004 (real estate); Georgetown U., M.P.P. 2014 • CAREER: Industrial real estate company owner • POLITICAL HIGHLIGHTS: No previous office.

Roger Marshall, MD (R-KS-01)
ELECTION: Defeated third-party candidates to succeed Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R, who was defeated in a primary • RESIDENCE: Great Bend • BORN: Aug. 9, 1960; El Dorado • RELIGION: Non-denominational Christian • FAMILY: Wife, Laina Marshall; four children • EDUCATION: Kan. State U., B.S. 1982; U. of Kan., M.D. 1987 • MILITARY: Army Reserve, 1984-91 • CAREER: Physician • POLITICAL HIGHLIGHTS: Kan. Wildlife, Parks and Tourism Commission, 2012-16.

James R. Comer (R-KY-01)
ELECTION: Defeated Samuel Gaskins, D, in a special election to succeed Rep. Edward Whitfield, R, who resigned • RESIDENCE: Tompkinsville • BORN: Aug. 19, 1972; Carthage, Tenn. • RELIGION: Baptist • FAMILY: Wife, T.J.; three children • EDUCATION: Western Ky. U., B.S. 1993 (agriculture) • CAREER: Farmer; restaurateur; insurance company owner • POLITICAL HIGHLIGHTS: Ky. House, 2001-12; Ky. agriculture commissioner, 2012-16; sought Republican nomination for governor, 2015.

Clay Higgins (R-LA-03)
ELECTION: Won Dec. 10 runoff to succeed Rep. Charles Boustany Jr., R, who ran for U.S. Senate • RESIDENCE: Port Barre • BORN: Aug. 24, 1961 • RELIGION: Christian • FAMILY: Wife, Becca; four children (one deceased) • EDUCATION: La. State U., attended 1979-83 and 1989-90 • MILITARY: La. National Guard and Army • CAREER: Sheriff’s department public information officer; police officer; car dealership manager • POLITICAL HIGHLIGHTS: No previous office.

Mike Johnson (R-LA-04)
ELECTION: Won Dec. 10 runoff to succeed Rep. John Fleming, R, who ran for U.S. Senate • RESIDENCE: Benton • BORN: Jan. 30, 1972; Shreveport • RELIGION: Southern Baptist • FAMILY: Wife, Kelly Lary Johnson; four children • EDUCATION: La. State U., B.S. 1995 (business administration) and J.D. 1998 • CAREER: Lawyer • POLITICAL HIGHLIGHTS: La. House, 2015-present.

Anthony G. Brown (D-MD-04)
ELECTION: Defeated George McDermott, R, to succeed Rep. Donna Edwards, D, who ran for U.S. Senate • RESIDENCE: Mitchellville • BORN: Nov. 21, 1961; Huntington, N.Y. • RELIGION: Catholic • FAMILY: Wife, Karmen Walker Brown; three children • EDUCATION: Harvard U., A.B. 1984 (government) and J.D. 1992 • MILITARY: Army, 1984-89; Army Reserve, 1989-2014 • CAREER: Lawyer • POLITICAL HIGHLIGHTS: Md. House, 1999-2007; lt. gov., 2007-15; Democratic nominee for governor, 2014.

Jamie Raskin (D-MD-08)
ELECTION: Defeated Dan Cox, R, to succeed Rep. Chris Van Hollen, D, who ran for U.S. Senate • RESIDENCE: Takoma Park • BORN: Dec. 13, 1962; Washington • RELIGION: Reform Jewish • FAMILY: Wife, Sarah Bloom Raskin; three children • EDUCATION: Harvard U., A.B. 1983 (government) and J.D. 1987 • CAREER: Law professor; advocacy group counsel • POLITICAL HIGHLIGHTS: Md. Higher Education Labor Relations Board chairman, 2001-05; Md. Senate, 2007-present.

Jack Bergman (R-MI-01)
ELECTION: Defeated Lon Johnson, D, to succeed Rep. Dan Benishek, R, who retired • RESIDENCE: Watersmeet • BORN: Feb. 2, 1947; Shakopee, Minn. • RELIGION: Lutheran • FAMILY: Wife, Cindy; five children • EDUCATION: Gustavus Adolphus Coll., B.A. 1969 (business); U. of West Fla., M.B.A. 1975 • MILITARY: Marine Corps, 1969-75 and 2003-09; R.I. National Guard, 1975-78; Marine Corps Reserve, 1978-2003 • CAREER: Pilot; Marine Corps officer • POLITICAL HIGHLIGHTS: La. Military Advisory Council, 2013-16.

Paul Mitchell (R-MI-10)
ELECTION: Defeated Frank Accavitti, D, to succeed Rep. Candice S. Miller, R, who ran for Macomb County Public Works Commissioner • RESIDENCE: Dryden Twp. • BORN: Nov. 14, 1956; Boston, Mass. • RELIGION: Protestant • FAMILY: Wife, Sherry; six children • EDUCATION: Mich. State U., B.A. 1978 (social science) • CAREER: Health care professional education center president • POLITICAL HIGHLIGHTS: St. Clair City Council, 2008; sought Republican nomination for U.S. House, 2014.

Jason Lewis (R-MN-02)
ELECTION: Defeated Angie Craig, D, to succeed Rep. John Kline, R, who retired • RESIDENCE: Woodbury • BORN: Sep. 23, 1955; Waterloo, Iowa · RELIGION: Catholic • FAMILY: Wife, Leigh; two children • EDUCATION: U. of Northern Iowa, B.A. 1979 (education & business); U. of Colo.-Denver, M.A. 1992 • CAREER: Libertarian social networking site founder; radio and television talk show host; congressional district aide • POLITICAL HIGHLIGHTS: Republican nominee for U.S. House, 1990 (Colo.).

Don Bacon (R-NE-02)
ELECTION: Defeated Rep. Brad Ashford, D • RESIDENCE: Papillion • BORN: Aug. 16, 1963; Momence, Ill. • RELIGION: Non-denominational Christian • FAMILY: Wife, Angie; four children • EDUCATION: Northern Ill. U., B.A. 1984 (political science); U. of Phoenix, M.A. 1995 (management) • MILITARY: Air Force, 1985-2014 • CAREER: Professor; congressional district aide; Air Force officer • POLITICAL HIGHLIGHTS: No previous office.

Jacky Rosen (D-NV-03)
ELECTION: Defeated Danny Tarkanian, R, to succeed Rep. Joe Heck, R, who ran for U.S. Senate • RESIDENCE: Henderson • BORN: Aug. 2, 1957; Chicago, Ill. • RELIGION: Jewish • FAMILY: Husband, Larry; one child • EDUCATION: U. of Minn., B.A. 1979 (psychology) • CAREER: Synagogue president; software developer; computer programmer • POLITICAL HIGHLIGHTS: No previous office.

Ruben Kihuen (D-NV-04)
ELECTION: Defeated Rep. Cresent Hardy, R • PRONOUNCED: KEE-when • RESIDENCE: Las Vegas • BORN: Apr. 25, 1980; Guadalajara, Mexico • RELIGION: Catholic • FAMILY: Single • EDUCATION: U of Nev.-Las Vegas, B.S. 2005 (workforce education) • CAREER: Political consultant; congressional state aide; college academic adviser • POLITICAL HIGHLIGHTS: Nev. Assembly, 2006-10; Nev. Senate, 2010-present; sought Democratic nomination for U.S. House, 2012.

Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH-01)
ELECTION: Defeated Rep. Frank C. Guinta, R • RESIDENCE: Rochester • BORN: Dec. 1, 1952; Brooklyn, N.Y. • RELIGION: Catholic • FAMILY: Husband, Gene Porter; two children • EDUCATION: U. of N.H., B.A. 1975 (social services) and J.D. 1979 • CAREER: Community college instructor; social worker • POLITICAL HIGHLIGHTS: U.S. House, 2007-11 and 2013- 15 (defeated 2010 and 2014).

Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ-05)
ELECTION: Defeated Rep. Scott Garrett, R • RESIDENCE: Wyckoff • BORN: Mar. 8, 1975; Livingston • RELIGION: Jewish • FAMILY: Wife, Marla; two children • EDUCATION: U. of Penn., B.A. 1997 (history); Harvard U., J.D. 2004 • CAREER: Ford Motor Company and Microsoft communications exec.; FCC and U.S. Commission on Civil Rights senior advisor; White House and presidential campaign aide • POLITICAL HIGHLIGHTS: No previous office.

Tom Suozzi (D-NY-03)
ELECTION: Defeated Jack Martins, R, to succeed Rep. Steve Israel, D, who retired • PRONOUNCED: SWAH-zee • RESIDENCE: Glen Cove • BORN: Aug. 31, 1962; Glen Cove • RELIGION: Catholic • FAMILY: Wife, Helene; three children • EDUCATION: Boston Coll., B.S. 1984 (accounting); Fordham U., J.D. 1989 • CAREER: Lawyer • POLITICAL HIGHLIGHTS: Mayor of Glen Cove, 1994-2001; Nassau County Exec., 2002-09; sought Democratic nomination for governor, 2006.

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