House Caucuses

Caucuses, formally known as Congressional Member Organizations, only exist in the House. While some caucuses are bipartisan, specific partisan caucuses can have term limits for their chairmen, and some of those leaders will change in the 115th Congress.

Figure 14

New House Members for the Lame Duck Congress

While most the class of freshman lawmakers that were elected in 2016 will not begin their term until January 2017 when the 115th Congress is gaveled into session, three lawmakers from the election will begin immediately and take part in the Lame Duck session of the 114th Congress. Democrats Colleen Hanabusa (HI-01) and Dwight Evans (PA-02), along with Republican James Comer (R-KY), all won special elections to replace Members that either died or resigned from their seat in the 114th Congress. Each one of these Members also won their election to their seat in the 115th Congress.

Gubernatorial Races

Gubernatorial races occurred in 12 states, with 5 incumbents on ballots across the country. Indiana Governor Mike Pence was barred by state law from seeking re-election after being tapped to run on the Republican ticket for Vice President. At the time of writing, the only undecided gubernatorial race is the state of North Carolina. As of November 10, Republican incumbent Pat McCrory was behind Democrat Roy Cooper by a few thousand votes.
Figure 15

State Healthcare Ballot Initiatives

Ballot initiatives are state and local based decision that are passed on from the legislative process for the electorate to decide directly. In 2016, 162 statewide ballot initiatives were certified in 35 different states, many dealing with health care. Below is a list of state health care-related ballot initiatives and their outcomes from around the country that voters decided on in their respective states.

Figure 16

President-Elect Trump -- Transition Team

On Thursday, November 10, the transition team for President-Elect Donald Trump released the following information related to the incoming administration’s healthcare priorities:

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