2016 Outcome/Status of Competitive House Races – 56 of 435 Seats

The Republican party maintained control of the House of Representatives. As of Sunday, November 13, Democrats netted a gain of 6 seats in the chamber. There are still 4 undecided House races: 2 in Louisiana, and 2 in California. Below is a chart showing the outcome or status of House seats that were either competitive, open, unexpectedly switched party control, or were rated as “toss up” or “lean” seats. The two competitive races listed below that remain undecided are from California. The first is in the CA-07 race, where as of November 13 Democratic incumbent physician Ami Bera is ahead of Republican Scott Jones by approximately 2,500 votes. In the undecided CA-49 race, 8-term incumbent Darrel Issa leads Democrat Doug Applegate by approximately 2,200 votes.

Figure 8

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