2016 Senate Results

At the result of the 2016 General Election, the Republican party retained control of the Senate. In Louisiana, where a 50% majority is needed to win the open Senate seat, no candidate received the necessary majority. The two candidates receiving the most votes (Republican John Kennedy and Democrat Foster Campbell) move on to a head-to-head runoff on December 10. Outside of the one undecided Senate seat, Republicans control the chamber (51-48). Below is a list of Senate seats that were either open, switched party control, or were rated as “toss up” or “lean” seats.

Figure 4

Senate Committees

Changes to Committee Chairs and Ranking Members will occur in the 115th Congress due to retirements and party term limits on chairmanships. These decisions are made during the Lame Duck session of Congress by party leaders. Below is a list of Senate committees expected to see changes in leadership. Please note that seniority plays a role, and as positions are assumed, shuffling is likely to occur. For example, if a senator becomes chair or ranking of a committee, it alters the opportunities in other committees that individual sits on.

Senators’ situations resulting in likely shuffling are indicated in bold
*Predictions according to Bloomberg Government
Figure 5

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